Miquido joins an exclusive group of Actions on Google experts

Jerzy Biernacki 5 Feb 2 min read

We are proud to announce that Miquido has finished the last year’s edition of Google’s
Actions for Agencies programme and is only a step away from certification as an endorsed Google’s partner!

Actions for Agencies programme details

Actions for Agencies was a partnership programme with an aim to train professional Action development teams (developers, designers, and managers). It included webinars and workshops with Google experts. The final step required to complete the programme was to release a complex, high-quality action that would pass Google’s rigorous review process, and we did with flying colours.

Actions on Google experts – and still hungry for more

Miquido can now count themselves among an exclusive group of Actions on Google experts. We are not settling for this though. Since finishing the programme, we have continued to hone our skills by working with our clients on developing integrations with Google Assistant. We help them offer the best possible user experience for their customers and give real value for their businesses.


Do you have questions about Google Assistant or Actions on Google? Would you like to discuss some particular use case, or maybe you just want to chat? You can now book your free consultation with Jerzy: ➡️ https://meetings.hubspot.com/jerzy-biernacki

Or you can drop us a note on hello@miquido.com. We’ll be happy to help you!

If you wonder why you should care about Google Assistant, take 5 minutes to read my article on How Google Assistant is about to disrupt your business.


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